Finding the perfect program when abroad with children is hardly a simple task. Even though Budapest is filled to the brim with iconic sights, world-famous venues and bucket list-worthy things to dos, it can be a challenge to pick the ones that the whole family can enjoy just the same.

We know all too well how teenage kids can be when faced with a family itinerary, that’s why we put together two separate lists so you can be ready for Budapest with kids however picky they may be.

With small children


Let them be who they want to be!

Minipolisz is a place where children can make their fondest wishes into reality and turn into doctors, chefs, shop owners, vets or firefighters with a click of the heels. Aside from being unforgettable fun for small children, this kid sized city is also the perfect educational tool where you can teach the little ones about various professions,  how to behave in certain social environments and even about the rules of the road in the most fun way imaginable.

Minipolisz Budapest family activity
Source: Minipolisz Budapest

The Zoo

Budapest Zoo in the heart of the fabulous City Park is a must-see location for all families with children. Housing animals from all-over the world in safe and humane conditions, your kids will be able to meet all of their favorite animals from the largest cats to the smallest reptiles and have untamed fun at the kindergarten Zoo, that is literally the greatest  jungle gym in the city. After saying hello to every animal around your kids can explore the interactive playhouse, the 3D theatre and even a carousel on the massive premises of the establishment.

Budapest Zoo
Source: Anermo, Pixabay

Explore the Buda Hills

A little active fun always works wonders with the little energizer bunnies and the Buda Hills are just the place in any time of the year. There is so much to experience on the other side such as the family-friendly János Hill. The kids operated Children Railway will enchant young and old alike. During winter this is the most ideal place in the city for sledding and in warmer months Buda Hills treat with chairlift adventures and playgrounds aplenty. It is a definite must when you’re in Budapest with kids.

Buda Hills Chairlift Budapest

With teenagers

INDOOR MiniGolf Budapest

If your kids have grown out of playhouses and sledding, there are still plenty of fun the city has to offer. And INDOOR, the greatest Budapest mini golf center is precisely one of these things. Challenge them for a round of mini golf and enjoy the one-of-a-kind ambiance of INDOOR MiniGolf and strike yourself through the three worlds of Galaxy, the Magic Forest and Horror! It is the perfect place for some active bonding even with rebelling youngsters and a great place to get to know fun loving locals and fellow travellers at the community area, INDOOR’s otherworldly Space Bar.

Indoor MiniGolf Family Activities

Palace of Wonders

Take them to wonderland and back!
For the science fanatic families out there a trip to “CsoPa”, the Palace of Wonders is simply a must. Enjoy a trip to the world of fun inventions and don’t be surprised if you find your own jaw on the floor after witnessing some of the educational yet wonderfully entertaining interactive exhibits. From escape rooms to exhibitions about space, the human body and natural forces, a visit to this palace is a great way to have fun in Budapest with kids.

Palace of Wonders Budapest activities for kids
Source: Csopa Facebook

Culture and Sightseeing

A healthy dose of local culture never hurts, especially if your kids are in the midst of absorbing knowledge about the world. You just need to find the appropriate way to approach it. Hungarian history is unfortunately closely connected with most of the dark events in the previous century and the best place to experience the history books in real life is at the House of Terror museum. For a more lighthearted entry into Hungary, a sightseeing cruise along the Danube is simply a must. Seeing Budapest bathed in evening lights is something that will stay with you and your kids for a long time.

Budapest sightseeing, family activities
Source: Dan Novac, Unsplash